Treinando o listening(Advanced level)

Hey there!How are you doing?

First, watch the entire scene.
Then, listen, pause and repeat each phrase.
It's very important to improve your speaking and conversation.




Good studies!

See you!


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Angel said...

Esse guia ta tudo de bom Lu!Nossa os links tao muito show.muitas diks legais.E Sabe q eu to melhorando!entendi quase tudo do video.É como voce diz,tem mesmo que praticar muito listening e o que eu to fazendo.

Thanks lu!

Kisses for you

Fernanda said...

Hi Lu!

Thanks a bunch for having paid me e visit at Rau.
There I write only in Portuguese.
I find it absolutely amazing that this Blog of yours is dedicated to teach English at Advanced classes.
You have probably read my profile and found out that I'm an English teacher, only part-time now.
Actually, some time ago I sat for CPE, just to avoid my English to get rusty, and passed with flying colours, a redundant B.

I love English almost as my own language, mad have also taught British people who live in Portugal some Portuguese.
That was a very rewarding experience.

Al that, sorry, when I start it's not easy to stop.
Listen, I have this Blog where you have been today, which is literally my home - Na Casa do Rau - but I also have another one, amongst others. where I only use English- Diverse Texts and Stories.
Have a look if you want.

Lu Nogfer said...


Que bom que esta gostando das dicas!
Continue a praticar o listening porque é primordial pra te ajudar a chegar a fluencia!

É um prazer ajudar!Precisando estamos aí!


Lu Nogfer said...

Hi Ná

Thanks to visit me and leave a comment!

That's great that you teach English in Portugal!
I also love English and I'm trying to help people who study online!

My blog is just a guide online!
In fact, I leave tips not only to advanced level but to the other levels too!

Excuse me for being slow to visit you.I'll be doing that now .

I hope you come back again!

Welcome to my blog!


Fernanda said...

Hi Lu!

just a short note, to let you know how important it is indeed to learn languages by listening to music.

Not only one improves the vocabulary but also picks up the right pronunciation!
Good choice..I like all the tunes ans the lyrics.
Well done!


Lu Nogfer said...

Hi Ná

Glad you like the tunes!
I have really improved my pronunciation listening to them!

I love it when you leave a comment with a note.
This has been a great help!
Thank you my friend


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